Award Wallet, for points collectors

  • award-walletMy wife and I love to travel, plain and simple. We have been all over North America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Caribbean. It didn't take me long to figure out that travel points are a neccessity for covering (or simply subsidizing) the costs of our passion. However, much like most people, I hate carrying rewards cards, so I was hesitant to sign up for many rewards programs (over and above the points-based credit card I already had). That was until I stumbled on to Award Wallet a few years back.

    Award Wallet is an online website (with mobile apps available for iOS and Android), that can track points from more than 600 different loyalty programs from airlines and hotels to credit cards and online shopping - and it's FREE.

    Simply put, this is how it works:

    1) You sign up for an Award Wallet account.

    2) Once logged in, you click on the option to ADD A PROGRAM. eg. Aeroplan

    3) You input the loyalty rewards information (usually just a member number and password)

    The system will then track how many points you have and when they expire (if they expire). The mobile app will also display the account number for your loyalty programs, so there is no need to carry the card for them anymore. So if your hotel needs your loyalty information, you have it at the ready.